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Mountain Biking England: Withypool Loop

This is post 2 of 4 for my mountain biking in England series. Read more here!


This was another loop through Exmoor National Park which, I came to discover, is a pretty fantastic place. Everywhere I went was stellar: great views of Bristol Bay on the north coast, field after field of peaceful grazing sheep and cows, wooded valleys and grassy hilltops, and (my favorite) wild ponies! Watching them never got old. They’re just so majestic and stunning. If there’s such as reincarnation, I would come back as a wild pony in England, hands down.


The bike loop started and ended in the small village of Withypool. There’s not much going on in town aside from a pub (of course), a nice meandering river, and a cafe. But outside of town there’s some great biking! After a huff and puff up a tarmac road I had the first – and probably best – downhill of the day. It was single track through a wide open, grassy green field dotted with sheep and wild ponies and all around me was the most bucolic English countryside you can imagine. I felt like I was biking through a movie set it was that stunning. I could just imagine a drone overhead filming my amazing downhill mountain bike maneuvers 😉


From there, the loop took me along bridlepaths, through fields, up hills, down hills, and over rivers. I felt like there was a little bit of everything on this tour and it was fantastic. If there weren’t so many other places to ride and loops to explore, I would definitely do this one again!


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