Skyrock Petroglyphs Photo Gallery

Like the Crowley Lake Columns, I had visited the Skyrock petroglyphs last time I was at my brother’s place in Mammoth Lakes. And because they’re so cool (like the columns) I wanted to return for more pictures and to explore the area further. I tried to find out more information about the petroglyphs, but there is very little detail out there about them other than that they’re really old and they were left by some Native American tribe. The Bishop Paiute Tribe don’t lay claim to them as their own, so the mystery of their origin is unsolved (at least far as I can tell).

The Skyrock and the 13 Moons (photos below) are probably the best known petroglyph sites in the Bishop area, but there are hundreds of other petroglyphs scattered around the volcanic tablelands and beyond. Enjoy the photos!









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