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Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in China

As a freshman in college, I enrolled in a Traditional Chinese Medicine class because I’ve always been pretty interested in alternative medicine (despite my doctor-brother’s eye rolls). The class itself was interesting – we learned about all sorts of practices from herbal medicine to acupuncture to cupping to qigong. But the real highlight of that year was the opportunity to travel with three other classmates and our teacher to China for three weeks, all expenses paid, to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Apparently my school had been awarded a one million dollar Asian Studies grant to allow students and teachers to pursue more hands-on learning about Asian Studies. Score! At the end of my freshman year, my teacher announced that she would be putting together a proposal to go to China and asked who would be interested in accompanying here. Four (only four!) of us jumped at the opportunity. Below are a few photos and anecdotes about our three weeks in China.


Most of our Traditional Chinese Medicine studies took place in the city of Guangzhou. We  visited several hospitals, talked with numerous TCM doctors, and even practiced some traditional remedies on ourselves.



We took a day trip from Guangzhou to visit the surreal land of Guilin and the Li River.





In Beijing, we did the normal touristy stuff like go to a Beijing opera, eat a traditional Peking Duck dinner, and visit the must-see sights like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Tiananmen Square.





We couldn’t go to China and not go the the Great Wall! We spent a day hiking up and down the ramparts and taking in the sheer magnitude of its construction.


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