Hello! Welcome to Forever a Wanderer


 I'm Becky and this is my blog about my travels around the world. What you'll find on these pages are stories and photographs that capture the essence of good food and outdoor adventures throughout the globe because let's be real, those are the two most important things in life, right? My life at least. Food and fun.

 Unlike most travel bloggers, I didn't quit a corporate job or give up everything to do a solo-trip around the world. Instead, I've always kind of been a food and adventure driven nomad - or wanderer if you will. I guess I'm lucky in that I didn't get sucked into the rat race after college (or that my parents didn't expect me to climb the corporate ladder). No, my logical post-graduation decision was to buy a one-way ticket to Maui where I tossed pizzas at night and rode my bike around the island during the day. From there, I landed a job working on a National Geographic cruise ship where I spent the next 7 years working in Baja, Alaska, Costa Rica, and Panama and spending my weeks off traveling anywhere I pleased. It was great to say the least. Somewhere during that time, though, I developed a crazy thought that maybe I should just try settling down for a bit - unpack my bags, give a serious relationship a try, and go back to school in case I ever wanted to get a 'real job'.  So I move to Seattle and started a grad program in Nutrition.


Now I'm writing this four years later. I have my degree. I lived in big girl apartment. I collected things. I got a corporate job. And I dated seriously for three years. But wanderlust has returned and I'm ready for the road again. Settled life is just not for me. For now, at least. There are still so many places to see, countries to visit, hikes to climb, adventures to go on, and people to meet. This blog will (hopefully) be a portal to all that and more. 

Come along for the ride!